Sarsis Front-end Web Developers

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Experienced Web Development Team

Experienced Team to Develop your Project

We are a small team of coders and designers that work well together to build your web application while you focus on your business.

Angular 2/4 Single Page Application Development

We build fast Angular2 SPA apps!

Migrate your old site to the fastest technology available that your customers expect. We’re up to date on the most cutting edge architectures like serverless websites that deliver Fortune 500 company-like uptime and speed for any budget.

Short Term Web Development Projects welcome

Short Term Engagements Welcome

We work on short term projects too! We are also flexible, and allow client participation in the development process if they want to reduce outsourcing costs. You can be involved in QA, for example, if you prefer to do that.

Unmatched Technical Talent

We thrive on challenges! We love it when our clients call us and say “I have this tough problem, and I need you guys to figure this out ASAP.”

When you hit that point in your project where you need something done right away, call us. We accept your toughest technical challenges and will do our best to resolve them. We take great pride in solving the “unsolvable” issues.

We guarantee that your project will be successfully engineered by the brightest minds available. Our previous clients have raved about our work, and we’re confident you’ll be impressed, too.

Bold, Innovative Development

Sarsis combines a proven Web API based, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with full system access using C# and dependency injection. Our unique architecture solves the problem of requiring multiple, inefficient requests to the database that is common with decoupled middleware.

That’s where Sarsis comes in. It allows further customization by overriding the C# code below the service layer. This gives you the option of undercutting the constraints of the web service by directly accessing and modifying the code as needed.

Overriding the Web API gives you major advantages:

  • Optimize the results for custom data queries without awkwardly and inefficiently combining multiple API requests.
  • Optimize your caching strategy using our CouchBase servers for your specific business requirements.
  • Write complex business logic in C# that can directly access product data in the most efficient way possible, which is critical for fast response times on mobile devices.

Brilliant Engineers

Sometimes, a pre-built, out of the box software solution works. Other times, you need custom made modules to meet your business requirements.

Engineers at Sarsis love our jobs, and that means you get a team of the most talented and passionate people available.

Our business culture and processes are centered around engineers, which means pre-sales consulting, project estimates, and software support all involve software engineers to make sure the task is understood and done right the first time.

We make engineers the first line of defense, unlike other companies where engineers are a closely protected asset dispatched only when there is an absolute need (often to the angst of the customer). We believe this is the key to providing great service. Sure, engineers cost more than a low level support person, but they solve the problem faster. In the end, that saves you money and makes you happy, which is what we’re about!

Unlimited Scalability

When we say unlimited scalability, we mean it. Our ecommerce platform is designed to be easily replicated on as many web servers as needed to maintain throughput. Our caching servers can also be replicated as needed, eliminating the traditional bottleneck of database servers that can’t easily be scaled. When your online sales grow, our capacity grows with you.

Technologies We Use

Sarsis has a broad range of skills in different technologies.

Angular 2/4
Amazon Web Services
Amazon S3
Azure Database
Entity Framework