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That are True to Design, True to your Intent, And Perfectly Responsive

Our web graphic designer works with you to make sure we have a design that matches your intent. After you sign off on the design, our HTML coder painstakingly builds each page to match the design exactly. In our studio, we don’t compromise, and we think you’ll be impressed. Please check out our portfolio to see how closely the final build can match the photoshop mockups!

Each responsive page we build is thoroughly tested to display correctly on infinite screen widths, from a small phone to a large 27” retina display.

Mobile-First Mobile Friendly Responsive Design
Web Development Service

Our Methodology: Simplicity is our Secret

We start with the most minimally invasive strategy possible, and that is to build an Angular single page application that co-exists with your current website (if you have one). This gives us flexibility to create a brand new responsive design without altering your existing code. This is preferred because there is no risk to your existing website. To launch the new Angular2 site, we simply insert a small javascript snippet into your website. That runs when the page loads, and launches the new website, overwriting your old site. If the migration causes any problems, we simply disable the script while we resolve the issue, and your customers continue to use the old site.

The Angular strategy is flexible enough to work with any platform you currently have. We avoid platform migrations when possible because it is risky, time-consuming, and is always more complicated than expected. If you have a popular platform like Magento, we integrate with their API to pull data from the database. If your platform does not have an API, we use a special web crawler to pull data directly from your webpage.

Full REST API Architecture

We rigorously encapsulate all data in a proper REST API. This allows your application to be easily expanded in the future to different platforms, like an Android or iOS App, for example.